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Welcome 2017

The new year is upon us. I’ve not been exactly regular in updating the blog and I hope its something to remedy in the future. Life has kept me certainly busy now that I’m the mom of 2 kids. We’ve come a long way baby since EuroTrash began (coming up on ) 12 years ago!! Before I was foot loose and fancy free and could always find the time to sling some wool around or slap my sewing machine around… But seasons. Right? Life definitely is always changing that is for sure. I’ve been in the US for 5 years now. 5 years!? how did that happen. It flashes right in front of us…this thing called life..and it marches on.

But you guys, kids aside…GUESS WHAT? I am going to vend this year in October at Blythecon Brooklyn!  The last time I was vending was in Seattle in 2014. So that said, I’m super excited.  I’m also really happy to be starting the year with a focus in October like Blythecon. It inspires me. I have ideas. I am looking forward to the preparations. And I have to be on my game. You just don’t get to run around after 2 kids and prepare for a convention over night…FOCUS. Its good!

So. Thats the news and I’m super excited. I’m also incredibly humbled to have been selected out of the huge pool of applicants. It means the world to me! SO I don’t want to let you guys down!! I want to come well stocked with inventory and well prepared to meet old and new faces.

Also, please, please, please keep in mind at the convention…I would love to meet you! No fair being shy, and no fair playing the ‘oh but she’s famous’ card. I’m just a farm kid who got super lucky to love making stuff, and have people love the stuff I make. (it feels really weird when people tell me they were too intimidated to come up and say hi. I feel bad!!)

Stay posted. I’m working on something fun for my 12th Anniversary for EuroTrash. 12th!? thats 12 years. WOAH.

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