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‘The Grail Girl’

I know its commonly discussed in our community…that ‘Grail Girl’ we all have on our deepest wish list. For some it may be a custom, for some a rare release, for some a Kenner and for some even just a common release that is hard to find or has grown to unobtainable prices….

For me that doll was “Mitten”

Inspired by the Russian Animation from 1967.

For me, exposure to Mitten opened up the pandoras box of Russian Animation from the 60’s onward. If you have never spent time looking at the vast amount of it on YouTube, you are missing out. Cheburashka is utterly charming in every episode. Great Music, sweet stories, glorious visuals.

I was able to obtain a mitten with all her stock in box about a year after learning about her.

<3 Her name is Dick.

I had her for a little more than a year when my team was selected to participate in the Blythe Beauty Contest in Tokyo, Japan in 2007 and I really needed to collect funds to go to Japan to help represent my team there for the event. (thats a whole ‘nother blog post for another time) So while I was loathe to sell her, and still feel a little pang of nostalgia for her…she DID help fund my first trip to Japan and it was amazing. She opened my world to Russian Animation (isn’t Blythe awesome that way??) AND opened the door to an amazing trip of a lifetime. Not too shabby at all for a Grail Girl.

Currently I’m lusting after the Anna Sui girl…mmmm GURL she’s purdy!! (I’m trying to tell myself that Regina is enough..) but Grail Girl? I dunno…at this juncture in my collecting span…I’m really hard up for a Parco. Parco or Miss A are definitely on my eternal list of…somewhere someday…

The other day while taking some helmet product photos I felt the echo of “mitten” in my photos…

This is Lily who has a long story but her current state is that she is a customized Silver Snow with work done by Vainilladolly (Olga). I did her whitened eyes LONG LONG ago.

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