Swedish Radio!

So just the other week I did a quick little interview with an old friend from my days in Finland. He runs a variety show on Sweden’s national radio that is for Finn’s living abroad. So its a potpourri of Swedish, Finnish and English.

It was really fun to stretch my Finnish language out for a bit and take it for a walk and learn that its much like riding a bike. Quite a bit of the interview is in English and it falls about the 40 minute mark if anyone is interested in giving it a listen. I get asked about my work with Blythe, how living in Finland influenced my work etc. You can listen here:

Popula Radio Show

Feministrap, finnebasket och fancy dolls

Either streaming or downloading.

So that was fun.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to update the blog a bit more frequently..and indeed mark my 11th year of EuroTrash. (I’m just one month late on that!)

Thank you!