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Lets talk about Zibbet, Etsy, Websites and more!

Alas, more time has passed than I’d like since my last blog post. Life gets busy and then you get dry spells, its just the nature of …everything really.

I’m bringing up this topic because its one that interests me. As someone who left Etsy years and years and years ago (I was not thrilled with who was on their list of investors and angel funds, as well as some of the changes they had made, also realizing just how much money I was paying them to sell my product…in the end it really came down to control. My shop may not always be perfect but at least I control it as much as I can with little or no surprises.) While I know leaving Etsy is not for everyone, I know many people have not been excited with the changes coming up in May with Etsy and were discussing alternatives.

When I left Etsy, alternatives were few. This was back in 2008 when Artfire was just beginning and I gave them a try too…Eventually moving onto my own site/domain and having a wordpress ecommerce site that was a total disaster as a shopping cart…eventually settling with Ecwid who I continue to use because I’ve been grandfathered in and have grown used to how they work and I love them.  These days though there are DOZENS Of alternatives. Some way better than what I’m doing now even. Many different price points and many options out there, but following conversations of people who wanted to leave Etsy now, Eenie Queenie spoke up about Zibbet.

Now I had not looked at Zibbet for a long while, but looking at Zibbet now, man its kinda cool. I love how when you go to Eenie Q’s shop, it looks like her own website and home page…way more luxurious and personal than Etsy… and yet you also have the zibbet market place exposure as well, which granted sure its not the same as Etsy..but still its there. Also take a look at the business plans they have. NO sales fees!! Also the monthly fees for added inventory and sales/features are fantastic. I haven’t seen anything with rates like this. I think value/quality for money is amazing.

I know you can’t make everyone happy…and there will always be people who only want to shop on Etsy, but I think this is an exceptional alternative, a very viable alternative and much easier than buying a domain, buying hosting, paying for shopping cart or figuring out how to use paypal buttons in a website.

Eenie Q has let us know that there is a current promotion with Zibbet, if you pay for the full year you get a 50% discount refunded to you. Thats HUGE! What an amazing deal. Here is what she wrote:

“I sent Jonathan from Zibbet an email asking about how friends go about getting in on this special. Here is the reply:
They must sign up for an annual paid plan (or if they’ve already signed up, upgrade to an annual paid plan).

Once they’ve done that, they need to email to let us know they’ve done that and want in on this 50% deal. We’ll honor it for them.

Thanks for spreading the word!”

So if you are interested to try Zibbet, I urge you take advantage of this great offer! (at the time of writing this post, my understanding there was still one more day to get in on the offer…) You have time to explore before the changes at Etsy and see if maybe a change is for you!?

I think my next blog post is going to be a request out there to all you dolly seamstresses and sellers to see if we can’t join forces in creating an editable document of links to shops so people can find us on the world wide web!

Thanks for listening to me yammer on! I appreciate it.

Happy Purchasing ,selling and Blything!

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  1. Awesome blog post! Nice of you to spread the word to those who might not be aware of the alternatives. I left Etsy because of the fees and a site feature that I wanted removed. Now with the upcoming changes on Etsy, I’m glad I did!

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