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Hey Jude….

So. Moving onward. Obviously once did not take long for me to add another Blythe to my home. After scouring eBay and forums I discovered Mademoiselle Rosebud which at the time was a source of great disappointment (aren’t they all??? ha,ha,ha based on commentary…). She was the first pink haired blythe doll to be released…and her sketch had shown her with deep pink hair…and her release was this watered down pink lemonade color..which was the source of much angst. Also I guess she was some sort of experimental release. I’m sure there are thousands up on thousands…she was sold in the US at a few venues and most notoriously was it Urban Outfitters that ended up having her on liquidation for around 20$…consequently Rosebud was a low $ investment at the time. I was interested in her fantasy hair color since at the time really there weren’t that many fantasy hair dolls..your options were reroots and dying your hollywood…there WAS Rouge Noir and also Asian Butterfly both of which were fetching 250$ or more on the market so..there was that…considering your average release was 80$ new in box..the idea of paying over 200$ for a release was crazy talk….(oh how times change)

So I got a Rosebud and named her Jude.

Jude in the petals

it didn’t take me long to realize that orange chips..nahhhhhh not on her. So I ordered from  Brainworm some apple green chips..(probably as a group order with my Blythe of Finland girls)

Jude's Head

I still love a boggled SBL. I love how it shortens their lashes a tiny bit..and gives them ‘kitten’ eyes in my opinion….You know…looking at these photos now, I recall how disliked the SBL facemold was a the time..and I just don’t see it now…i’m kind of in love all over again.

Another contention about the SBL girls were their ‘nicotine stained’ you can see the ‘whites’ of the eyes are not so very white. By using a semi-translucent material CWC/Takara were hoping to gain more sparkle to the eyes by letting more light in…it wasn’t until later when they were working on the RBL girls and the first prima dollies were put out that SBL eventually got whiter eyes..I think Bow Wow Trad has white eyes…and all the ones after her..or whoever was released side by side with the new RBLs….maybe it was the SBL i’m not sure….Anyhow I Pulled Jude’s eyes and spray painted them white. I Loved the effect.

Jude in the Park

Bright eyes...

The new and improved Jude..

Jude pretty much looks the same today. I still love her…and her pink lemonade hair and kitten eyes…those bright blushy cheeks and little smile.

Thank you for your responses, for bearing with me and my nostalgia (check out the vintage funny bunny threads here, and the blythe dressing room camo pants) WHO KNOWS whatever happened to Blythe Dressing Room!? Memory Lane y’all…its full of potholes..


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