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Shipping Changes!

Just a little reminder to EVERYONE regarding the postal price changes. While I still strive to offer reasonable shipping to everyone the changes that have been made with USPS this month are drastic for all of you internationally. Any international parcel with tracking will now be double the cost at 13$ to ship, BUT it is for up to 8 oz. so for multiple items its a better deal. Also I will no longer be able to offer free shipping inside the USA anymore. When I first started it was less than 2$ but now as prices have risen its getting closer and closer to 3$ and its getting harder for me to absorb it. I really don’t want to raise product prices so I’m just going to charge actual postage rates now. US shipping with delivery confirmation First class will now cost 2.50$. International First Class for a single flat item with no tracking (beyond US customs processing on its way out the country) is now 4$. I just wanted everyone to know that the price hike, especially for international parcels has really been a shock to a lot of us and its basically doubled in price (even though websites state only 20% increase…they are using the oz classifications that are now in effect to fudge that statistic, as now 1-8oz is the same price and before we paid per oz. so I suppose 8oz packages are actually cheaper…ugh) anyhow…so thats the postage blah,blah and I will do my best to make sure shop settings are accurate. If for any reason at all you are overcharged postage I will ALWAYS refund for any over payment. heart emoticon Thanks for listening and thank you always for your support.

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