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I was really hoping to keep up with a blog post every week but I’ve been remiss. My husband has his grandmother pass and there have been things to take care of within my family that have been a distraction. Also since we had the coldest month of December in YEARS our heating bill was double what it normally was and I’ve been working hard to counter balance the damage to our household budget.ugh. So for those who have supported and purchased from the shop this past month, I truly, truly appreciate it.  You have kept us going.

One upon a time….(2007/2008) Blythe took me to Japan. I could write novels about this, The experience was so broad and amazing. I still want to write a separate post about the Blythe Beauty Contest, I’ll save that for later….


In Japan, aside from the amazing that was Tokyo…I got to meet up with so many friends from afar. We converged upon Tokyo for the purpose of the Beauty Contest, but we also got to hang out, visit and share meals and excursions. At the time you could only get Blythe on Ebay or Yahoo japan and Junie Moon was not allowed to sell outside of Japan/Asia so it was simply much more difficult to get your hands on new releases. I was super fortunate, my friends who had given me my very first Blythe doll (whom I met at a music festival in Turku Finland of all places) Were super amazing in feeding my new hobby. In fact the first time I went to Tokyo, Tomoko flew down to welcome me and show me around for a couple days in the middle of her very busy schedule of life.

At the time I lived in Finland and was able to meet in Tokyo friends for the first time from USA, Canada…and all over really..

Paul,Melissa and Chun

(out with Paul, Melissa and Chun)

It was a smaller community then and it was really fun to catch up with people we had previously only met online. There were no Blythecons, no events, mostly just us collectors scattered across the globe, finding every which way we could to get our hands on Blythe and Re-Ment…

I think at the time smart phones really weren’t around so I flew into Tokyo with a file folder of maps and lists and photocopies all from a guide that fellow Blythe enthusiast from Australia had so generously shared (JamFancy/Christina)

Chun and I ganged up to hit Nippori fabric town together. Much damage was done.

Chun and Myself

My friend from Finland met me there for the Beauty Contest event, but we also went one day before the exhibit opened to wait in line so we could have the chance to buy some of the new releases! Gentle River, Yukinonamidahime, Mrs. Retro Mama and I THINK Momolita collab. I was in line to be able to buy Yuki. My friend Tomoko had managed to buy 3 Gentle River’s in Japan which I took back for friends abroad who had not been able to buy her. It was SUPER fun to wait in line with all the collectors and scalpers who would later sell on YJP or Ebay and have that experience to wait in line to buy a release.

Lady A and myself Waiting

Tokyo wasn’t at all what I was diverse and bustling, futuristic in some ways and yet in other ways you could walk down the street and see a small shop where they cut icecubes by hand to deliver to cafes and restaurants…old wood buildings and old ways of life still evident like the wood molds for tofu sitting out in the sun to dry. It was a contrast of old and new and I found it beautiful and inspiring.

Harajuku Flower Shop

Naturally the highlight for any Blythe collector is the ‘mecca’ of Junie Moon! I met with my dear friend Lisa and we took the trek together to go to Junie Moon and Cafe Hana (which later closed)

Winnifred is proud...

With Lisa outside Hana..

it was the best of times really. I feel so fortunate to have had these experiences, to have my world changed by Blythe in so many ways.

Virginie in Action

(out with Virginie in Tokyo)

Eventually I will carry on talking about dolls in my collection and the Blythe Beauty Contest my time in Hokkaido and much much more, but I was thinking the past week or so how grateful I am for all my friends in the Blythe world and how much my life has been impacted by one little doll with a big big head. <3

Life is a funny journey and I’m so glad my horizons have grown, I’ve met people from many walks of life and I am forever changed in so many good ways because of it. I have lifelong friends because of it.

Ro and myself

Isn't she cute??






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